My Midwifery Philosophy

  • Being 'with woman' in a woman centred environment
  • Pregnancy is a natural part of life and not an illness
  • Other processes may make certain pregnancies more complicated The woman is still at the centre of this process,collaboration and consultation with all members of the health care team needs to be of paramount importance
  • The woman's 'whole' well being needs to be the focus of the pregnancy (ie Mind, Body and Spirit)
  • Women have the right to have all available information to be able to make educated informed choices in their care without fear of chastisement
  • Women need to feel empowered by the process that is going on within them
  • I have a duty of care to continue my education and self-learning journey to ensure that I deliver evidence based care to my patients
  • Women have the right to have a choice in their pregnancy and a right to a continuity of care

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